This deals with a group of systems that have developed over millenniums for the interpretation of celestial constellations. Astrology believes that the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details can provide information about terrestrial matters.

Horoscopes build the centre of astrology. A horoscope is quasi a snapshot of celestial constellations at a given time, typically at the birth of a human being, which holds a lot of information about the personality and characteristics of a person. The planets have always had an important influence on us human beings and have a considerate influence on our life.


The science of numerology is the belief that numbers and combination of numbers have a meaning beyond their mathematical function. Numerology is the passed on ancient wisdom that the number constellation of the date of our birth predicts our destiny.

Each number is allocated to its own emotional quality and energy. This helps us recognize our own primal personality and ease the answer of ‘who are we?’ Numerology provides information about our strengths as well as our weaknesses and how to apply them at best. The science of numerology is found within old cultural groups. In the western world, numerology is often connected to numerical symbolism embodied in the Bible.


Card readings are part of clairvoyance. With the means of card reading, Peter Horvat is able to predict happenings of situations, people and future without the need of any factual knowledge. In order to do this, Peter Horvat shuffles a deck of cards and spreads them according to patterns and pictures, whereas the different positions carry messages about present and future situations, fears and hopes. Peter Horvat is able to look into the past as well as into the future given each card meaning in conjunction with its individual positions within the set and therefore works out a detailed life analysis.


It is human natural curiosity to be wanting to know what will happen in the future. However only few people, have the gift to perceive information that have not found realization yet.

Peter Horvart is one of the few who has been given the gift of clairvoyance since childhood. In order to be able to foresee correctly upcoming situations, one has to have the ability to look and feel into the past too. Accurate responses can only be given when clairvoyance makes a combination of past, current and future feelings, hearing, reading, and seeing of individual life situations.



It is a phenomenon which one is born with and learns to continuously develop over time. Peter Horvat holds this energy and is able to apply it accordingly. This is mainly practiced through the laying of hands on specific body parts where bioenergy flows into the body of the consulted person.

Diseases can be relieved or even healed through bioenergy. Important however, is a precise diagnosis which should result through a personal consultation with the patient.


When regulated and apparently intact life gets out of sync, when unforeseen circumstances turn our lives upside down, our psyche can hardly adapt to the situation and reacts in different ways, both physically and psychologically.

Nowadays, drugs are one of the biggest earth disasters. For many people and entire families, drugs represent an unsolvable problem. To grow up and live in today’s world is not always easy. Mainly people of young age get into the consumption of drugs through their own ignorance, difficulties of life and unstable environment.

There are solutions and ways for people with drug problems to get out of the addiction. Peter Horvat has a lot of experience with drug addicted patients and could already help many people to get rid of their addiction.

The circumstances that change our lives can be varied, a few examples are given here:

  • Loss due to death separation and divorce
  • Diseases and accidents
  • Job loss
  • Drug problem help
  • Problems in partnerships
  • Professional problems


You are no longer satisfied in your partnership. You want something to change. You are not sure if and how to do it. Peter Horvat supports you in finding your way out of the crisis, a path that suits you and your life situation, whether you come to the counseling alone or as a couple – both are possible.


In principle, the purification of premises and buildings deals with the removal of old or foreign energy from our own bodies and mainly from our surrounding in order to live unhindered. Very often, one hears that houses/ apartments ‘live’. This is a phenomenon that factually exists.

Those premises live from the energy of people who occupy those houses/ apartments. This can lead to situations where people do not find any rest in those environments, often feel tired and exhausted. They feel strenghtless and ‘empty’. Peter Horvat does not only purify your surrounding but also protects you from the reappearance of those ‘bad energies’.


What makes Peter Horvat unique in addition to his gift and professionalism is certainly his protection, which he personally and individually creates for every person. All of Peter’s experience and energy flows into this protection, making him something very special and valuable.